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We Need One Another

“In my Father’s house there are many dwelling places.” - John 14:2

This verse always reminds me of all the different seasons in my own life and how God was always there, using different people and situations to invite me to come deeper into His home! Even when I didn’t believe in Him, He still loved me and had a place at His table set up just for me.

Human beings can only come to God through other human beings. It is in this interaction between people that God is mostly interested in. He knows that for us to get to know him, sometimes we have to first be introduced to him by another person who knows him a little bit better. Someone who’s faith and wisdom have brought them to a place of understanding the power of our personal testimony. Sharing chapters of our life story, and showing those parts where God showed up for us is a way to point people to Jesus.

We all have a story. You have a story and your story matters. Stories have the power to connect us to one another more than anything else. We shouldn’t be afraid that we are not worthy to speak God’s name or to share all he has done in our lives though sharing our stories. Making ourselves vulnerable and opening up with others in community by sharing our struggles and triumphs is how we can inspire and give others hope.

When I first started writing books, a number of people didn't believe in me or in my talent as a writer. But God, the one who gave me that talent, went ahead and placed a few good people in my path who have supported me. And that has made all the difference in my life. We all need people who believe in us. We need people who understand us well, validate us, and show us unconditional love and support when we need it the most.

It is good to remember that sometimes God will send different people into our lives for a season only- that is okay. He always provides the right people at certain periods of your life who will best guide you towards Him.

“God sends us friends to be our firm support in the whirlpool of struggle. In the company of friends we will find strength to attain our sublime ideal.”

We need whole communities to understand how important it is to love, support, and disciple others so we can have hearts that are set aflame, ready to pass this fire on to others.

There are so many lost souls in the world right now who could use guidance from people who maybe have been lost before and by the grace of God and the help of other people have now found their way to Jesus.

If you know someone who has been away from Christ and His Church, be patient with them. I have found that usually, a big misunderstanding or big wound is the true culprit behind why someone walks away from God and His Church. All you need is a desire to be a true friend and bless them with your unconditional love and presence, God will do the rest.

Part of my story is that I spent close to two decades of my life away from God. The devastating trauma from the sexual abuse and rape I went through as a little girl, coupled with the lies the evil one led me to believe, made me doubt the mere existence of God. My trauma led me to ask questions such as, Is there a God? And if there is, does He love me? And if He loves, why did He allow this terrible thing to happen to me when I was just a little girl?

For many years, I lived like an outcast, believing I was dirty and unlovable–basically damaged goods. As I’ve talked to men and women who have endured something similar, this sentiment seems very normal.

Each lost soul has their own reason why they have found themself in that dark place. God knows our pain. He knows when we are living in a spiritual desert. And in His goodness, He loves us too much to just leave us there all alone in the wilderness.

Another very important and helpful thing you can do for the person in your life who has been lost and away from God is to get ready to do a lot of judgment free listening. This is especially important when they feel comfortable enough with you to share the reasons behind why they may not trust God and His church. This is not a time to be preachy; instead, pray to learn how to respect and love them exactly where they are in their life/faith journey.

My relationships with all the wonderful men and women throughout the years who have taken their time to be there for me has been an essential part of my continuing conversion. I truly believe we can never succeed at anything alone.

Together we are always stronger. God created us to need one another – and in this need and self gift to each other, we mirror His love for us.

How can you be a blessing to someone today?


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