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Why We Need Healed & Restored 

More Than Ever

As pastors, priests and counselors, you are in a special position of knowing how much these young women are suffering, and in need of a program like Healed and Restored. We want to work with you on getting these young women to come to us for counseling and healing as soon as possible after they have gone through trauma. 

2020 has proven to be a year we will never forget! Our world has changed with unbelievable speed due to COVID-19. Our lives have never seen so much disruption. Families are in crisis, and many are struggling with anxiety and depression. Why do I bring this up? Because I believe this program is needed now more than ever before. It is precisely in times of crisis that those who have gone through the trauma of abuse and haven’t yet found the proper healing will suffer the most. 

As someone who was far away from God for a long time, because I believed in all the lies the devil had instilled in me in the aftermath of the abuse I suffered as a little girl, I know how other victims often feel the same way as I did. I wish I had someone tell me after my trauma (from their own experience), that everything would be okay and that healing is possible and available to all God’s children. 

At Healed and Restored, we will not only change the young women’s lives, but we will also positively impact future generations. We are 100% supported by private donations and desire that no young women be left behind without the support they need to heal for lack of money or resources. 


What can you do?


1. Pray for the program, participants, leadership, care providers and benefactors.


2. Refer young women who would benefit from our program.

3- Provide recommendations for community resources to enhance our programs.


4. Donate to Healed and Restored.


- Elza

If you're interested in helping us provide opportunities & resources for young women to experience God's unconditional love,

please send us a message​.

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