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About Us

Transforming lives, one heart at a time

Our non-profit organization, founded by Elza Spaedy, is dedicated to healing the minds and souls of those affected by assault and abuse through the transformative power of faith and community support. As a survivor herself, Elza understands the profound impact of these experiences and has channeled her journey into creating a haven for others seeking solace and recovery. Our mission is to provide compassionate care, spiritual guidance, and a supportive network to help individuals reclaim their lives and find peace. With the help of our devoted community, we strive to empower survivors and foster an environment where healing and hope can flourish.

Elza Spaedy

Founder, Progam Director

After writing her memoir about healing from childhood abuse, Elza felt called to help young women recover from trauma. Finding no local programs, she established one herself, aiming to guide women to physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being through charity, forgiveness, trust, sacraments, and church fellowship. Elza truly believes God desires to heal every single one of his beloved daughters. An author, public speaker, and realtor in Lake Norman, she stages clients' homes for free, spreading the Healed and Restored mission. She volunteers with her family at St. Mark parish and enjoys the outdoors, writing, reading, entertaining, cooking, traveling, and the ocean. Married to David for nearly 20 years, they have three children.

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Board of Directors

Meet our dedicated Board of Directors, committed to guiding our mission and fostering healing for those we serve.

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Elza Spaedy understands the trauma that many young girls endure. As an abuse survivor, Elza aches for girls to experience community connection, heart healing and a safe place to receive both. Healed and Restored is such a place. It is a residential counseling and healing program designed to help women with the devastating effects of physical abuse, sexual abuse and sex trafficking. This impactful ministry is a much needed healing balm over a hurting population of the Church.

Carrie Daunt

Author of Undone: Freeing your Feminine Heart from the Knots of Fear and Shame.

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