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Statistics around child sexualization are horrifying. Approximately 10 million children are being victimized through trafficking & exploitation at any given moment throughout the world.

Charlotte has the highest number of cases of human & sex trafficking in the state. North Carolina ranks among the top states in the country with the most sex trafficking cases, along with Washington DC,  Nevada, Florida & Georgia.

"Teenagers & young women are in great need today for the ministry that Elza Spaedy is called to establish.

These young women are suffering in unprecedented ways, with the breakdown of the families, the prevalence of sexual abuse, sexual promiscuity, abortion, drug and alcohol addiction, other forms of self-harm, broken relationships, and alienation from peers. These are some of the major challenges facing young women. And many have no place to go for help.

The safe, spiritually grounded Catholic ministry that Elza is planning will save many of these girls/women from years of suffering and poor choices.

Knowing this suffering personally as a teenager and young adult, Elza has a true desire to provide hope and healing for these young women. I am personally supporting this ministry and encourage you to do the same."

- Dr. Bob Schuchts

Founder of John Paul II Healing Center in Tallahassee, Florida

Family Therapist With 35+ Years of Practice

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