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 Our Story

God has turned the shame I carried all my life into his fame! He has made me a survivor with a purpose! I can finally say that I’m thankful for my scars. Thank you, Jesus, for turning my pain and suffering into beauty and for helping me see others through your eyes - with compassion, empathy and understanding.

I am ready and excited to establish this much needed non profit program that will help young women who are struggling with life-controlling issues like eating disorders, self-harm and the devastating effects of physical, mental and sexual abuse, including sex trafficking.

In my own healing journey, God provided many good faithful souls who accompanied me. Now it’s my turn to pay it forward by accompanying others through the challenges of their healing journeys. My newfound purpose is what drives me to believe this dream is an attainable one. With God anything is possible. I truly believe he desires to heal every single one of his beloved daughter and sons. This program will assist with that mission.

Thinking of the enormous ripple effect a program like this one will have throughout our parishes, our diocese and beyond, makes my heart sing with joy. Through my own walk from victim to survivor, I have found that you cannot help but have a deep desire to assist others who are still hurting. The many challenges we are facing this year has helped me realize a lot of different things. One of them is that we are all made to serve and help others. 2020 has also solidified for me the need we all have to be part of something bigger than ourselves. A worthy cause that can contribute to others in a concrete way and have a lasting effect in our communities and beyond. Healed and Restored will be a place committed to affecting and transforming lives.  

With this purpose in mind, my team and I will show every Resident how a return to physical, spiritual, and emotional health is possible. Healing will come through charity, forgiveness, trust, and, most importantly, through a dedication to Christ.

This Christian-based Residential Healing Program will have a unique method of counseling designed to support and assist in the healing of the whole person, body, mind, and spirit. The focus will be on the understanding that ultimately, our Lord Jesus Christ is the one who heals his broken children.

My vision for the program is that we will be able to help as many young women as possible get the help they need in finding healing from their own deep wounds, while at the same time connect and engage with other women who understand their pain. 

This sisterhood will be a huge part of this ministry, as I believe women have the power to help heal other women. But this can only happen after you have been healed from your own wounds.

It is my hope that the young women who come to Healed and Restored will grow in community at a time in history when the world is telling us we must be isolated. That is not from the Lord. God didn’t intend for us to live in isolation. He specifically designed us to crave and thrive in relationships with others. We’re our best selves when we experience life’s highs and lows with friends.

I may have been the one who started this train on its track, but many wonderful people are working alongside me to help accomplish this mission. My deepest gratitude goes out to them. I am simply amazed at the level of commitment they have shown and their purest desire to want to help see this program up and running. 

In Christ, with love and gratitude,


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Our Mission

To provide opportunities and resources for young women to experience God’s unconditional love, forgiveness, and healing. Also, to help them understand their identity lies in being a beloved daughter of God.

Our Vision

To help as many young women as possible and transform them into missionary disciples who will give back what they freely received.

Our Philosophy

To help young women free of charge; Not accept state or federal funding or from any individual who would interfere with our freedom to share Christ and his Church; To give a percentage of all donations received to another ministry.


Program Director

 Elza Spaedy 

After writing her memoir about her own walk and healing from being abused as a little girl, Elza felt a strong call to get involved in a program that would help young women heal from the devastating trauma of the many different types of abuse. After doing some research and finding out there was nothing like this available in her area, Elza decided to listen to the Spirit’s call to be the one to establish such a program. She desires to show these young women how a return to physical, spiritual, and emotional health is possible. True healing comes through charity, forgiveness, and trust, as well through the sacraments and fellowship of the Church. She truly believes God desires to heal every single one of his beloved daughters. In addition to being an author and public speaker, Elza works as a realtor in the Lake Norman area. She differentiates herself by staging her clients homes at no extra charge to them. She spends her free time volunteering with her family for the many different ministries at their parish of St. Mark. She is married to her husband David of almost 20 years and they have three children. Elza enjoys the outdoors, writing, reading, entertaining, cooking for her family and friends, traveling and the ocean.

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Our Team 

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Administrative Assistant + Social

Media Content Provider

Alexandra Stanley is a recent graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in Psychology. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends and this transition period has given her time to dive into things she is truly passionate about. Having faced her own struggles as a young adult she has embraced the importance of knowing Christ's love for us,  and allowing Him to shine and heal us from within. She walks forward believing that God does not give us battles we cannot conquer, and that our "present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us" (Romans 8:18). Alexandra hopes to combine her education and life experiences in a way that will help point the young women at Healed and Restored towards a realization of Christ's love and healing even in the most difficult times.

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Residential Assistant

Juliet Hirsch received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Wittenberg University and her BSN from Johns Hopkins University. She worked as a Registered Nurse for over 12 years in acute patient care in the Emergency Department/Level I Trauma Center, PACU and Orthopedics. With her extensive background of the human body systems, she greatly promotes a healthy lifestyle that incorporates all physical, mental and spiritual aspects of well-being. Juliet understands that a spiritual inner healing of the soul can only be done with God, and by being surrounded with love, support and acceptance. As Residential Assistant at Healed and Restored, Juliet is incredibly honored to be walking with young women to open their hearts to feel hope, joy, trust and deep peace towards achieving transformational healing. Juliet and her husband Brian moved to the Lake Norman area in 2002 from Arlington, VA, have been married almost 20 years, and have three children.They love to travel, recently taking a month to explore the beautiful National Parks in Utah, Arizona, Wyoming and Montana. Juliet enjoys biking,swimming, running, reading, playing piano and walking her sweet dog Tucker.

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Strategic Planner

Sharon Kucia is a strategic thinker and leader in the field of Strategic Planning and Development, with over two decades of leadership experience at consulting firms. She has also served as the nonprofit practice leader in her last two companies, primarily serving the Catholic Church. Now with her own practice, Sharon has focused her efforts on providing leadership to develop strategic plans to encourage the long term health, growth and transformation of an organization. Additionally, Sharon is a founding member and President of the Charlotte Chapter of Legatus, an organization for Catholic business executives. Sharon has spent most of her career at the intersection of business and faith, using her development and management skills to support the Catholic Church. She believes the work of Healed and Restore will bring a lasting impact to the lives of young women who suffered abuse.

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Program Developer

Catherine Goodman Farley is a practicing physical therapist with over 20 years experience in holistic healing. She believes in the balance of mind, body, soul, and spirit as integral components for becoming the best version of ourselves. Her professional and personal experience with anxiety, panic disorder and PTSD have provided her with a unique perspective and compassion for women who have experienced trauma and emotional upheaval. As a published author, Catherine also understands the value in utilizing writing as a powerful tool for thoughtful transformation. Her unique skills and experiences fuel her passion for the mission of Healed and Restored. As Program Developer Catherine strives to offer diverse healing opportunities and individualized care for each and every woman. Catherine and her husband Trey are native North Carolinians and reside in Charlotte with their three children. Catherine enjoys swimming, running, writing, creating, pondering God’s beautiful creation in nature, and all things coastal.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Elza Spaedy understands the trauma that many young girls endure. As an abuse survivor, Elza aches for girls to experience community connection, heart healing and a safe place to receive both. Healed and Restored is such a place. It is a residential counseling and healing program designed to help women with the devastating effects of physical abuse, sexual abuse and sex trafficking. This impactful ministry is a much needed healing balm over a hurting population of the Church.

Carrie Daunt

Author of Undone: Freeing your Feminine Heart from the Knots of Fear and Shame.

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