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If you simply desire to understand yourself and others better and how things that happened to you in your childhood have an immense impact in all areas of your life, this book is for you. Or it is for anyone with a mother, daughter, son, wife, sister, brother, husband, or friend who may have expereinced deep trauma.

We all have a story, and our stories matter! You matter! Your story matters! By the time you are finished reading this book, I hope you are ready to share your story with others. As adults, many of us are awakening to our traumas and, consequently, to the need to find healing and restoration. Healing happens not only internally, but also in communal sharing. That means when we share our stories, they have the power to inspire and give others hope.

My desire is that this book will become your companion and guide as you walk along your own healing journey. With each chapter I offer a few reflection questions and a challenge as an invitation for you to go deeper into the topic we covered.

Healed and Restored is one trauma survivor's way of trying to assit other hurting souls find their own freedom from the chains of trauma-related wounds.

Healed and Restored: A Journey Through Trauma, Resilience, and Transformative He

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